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Born in Machida, Tokyo in 1998.

Graduated from Hosei University in 2021, with a degree in Intercultural Communication.


Sei Katori is a photographer whose works are created by facing society through his body and memory, such as "Nasakejima", a work about Hachijojima Island based on his own view of his hometown, or “Back Then, In Takashi’s Car”, a 13-hour-long video work which he tried to reconsider the meaning of borders by walking all along the prefectural border in his hometown which has a history wavering between two prefectures.

2021 : Featured in the magazine CAPA

2021 : Finalist for the 23rd 1_WALL Photography Competition

        / Group exhibition at Guardian Garden (Ginza)

2021 : Featured in the newspaper NANKAI TIMES

2021 : Solo exhibition at Nikon Salon Gallery (Shinjuku)

2020 : Featured in the newspaper NANKAI TIMES

2020 : Featured in the magazine SEKAI by Iwanami Shoten

香取 声

1998年 東京都町田市生まれ

2021年 法政大学国際文化学部卒業



2021年 : 雑誌『CAPA』掲載

2021年 : 第23回写真「1_WALL」ファイナリスト

     / 銀座ガーディアン・ガーデンにてグループ展

2021年 : 南海タイムス紙掲載

2021年 : 新宿ニコンサロンにて個展「情け島」

2020年 : 南海タイムス紙掲載

2020年 : 岩波書店『世界』掲載





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