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Back Then, In Takashi's Car
Part 1 : 6時間45分48秒
Part 2 : 6時間0分57秒
写真 : 30枚










東京と神奈川、確かに違うはずだけど、その違いはどこに現れるのか?  右と左で何か変わるのか?




Back Then, In Takashi's Car



In November 2020, I walked from one end of the prefectural border in Machida city, to the other.

Machida, a city sticking out from the southern part of Tokyo Prefecture, is often misunderstood or teased as being a part of Kanagawa Prefecture.

However, in fact, Machida has a history wavering between these two areas, Tokyo and Kanagawa, and there was even a time when it was part of Kanagawa.

As a person born and raised in Machida near the border with Kanagawa, I daily cross the border several times without thinking. There is no line or anything, and the border was always something that didn’t actually seem to be there, except for those times in my childhood when going to our soccer games in Takashi’s car, with its car navigator announcing each time we crossed the border.

During this pandemic, due to the announcement of a request to refrain from moving across prefectures, people were made aware of the existence of the prefectural border once again. 

But what really changes at the prefectural border?  Tokyo and Kanagawa are surely different, but where does that difference appear? Does something change between the right side and the left side of the road?

This is an experiment and record to visualize the complex prefectural border of my hometown, Machida, fluctuating between two identities.


Length of the border: 64.3km

Total walking distance: 73.3km


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